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Weather's Creature
"Weather's Creature"

Grand Dreams
"Grand Dreams"

If I Could Dream in Infrared
"If I Could Dream in Infrared"

A View From Widow's Walk
"A View From Widow's Walk"

After You Left
"After You Left"

All Photographs 2000 Dirk Kenyon

Refined, sensuous, haunting . . . the artist and his art. Dirk Kenyon's photography entertains the spirit, captivates the soul. One of the West's most prominent photographers, Kenyon is a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, and has dedicated the last 16 years of his life to perfecting the art of enhancing reality through photography. Kenyon holds a B.A. in Industrial/Scientific Photography with a minor in Biomedical Photography. Kenyon's honors include: Photographer of the Year for 1993 and 1994 for the Sierra Nevada Association of Professional Photographers (SNAPP); five Kodak Gallery Awards; five Fuji Masterpiece Awards; the only photographer in the history of the Nevada State Professional Photographer's Convention to score a perfect "100"; and Best of Show at the N.S.P.P. Convention in 1992 and 1993.

Although Kenyon's proficiency in photography is wide ranging, his ardor is most intense when speaking of his scenic grand views shot in infrared. "I've been told that there are only 20 people in the entire world who can shoot infrared like I do. It is my passion. I want people to look at my work and have an emotional response -- to feel good, to have a distant memory exposed and relived." Kenyon is convinced that infrared photography is more expressive than color because it leaves more to the viewer's imagination. "People will see what they want to see. My art is only a bridge between me and my audience. It allows me to communicate my vision to them . . . they should take it from there and fill in the details."

How far Kenyon will go in his quest for the ultimate in fine art photography is mere conjecture at this point in his career. His mind never stops; he sees light ratios all the time, everywhere he goes. Kenyon truly is his photography. "Everyday of my life, I work with the first thing God ever created and that's light . . . that's all I do with my life." To Kenyon, the true magic of his camera lies not in its capacity to transform him into an artist, but in the inspiration it gives him to keep on looking.

You are cordially invited to contact Dirk by clicking the link listed below. This is only a small sampling of Dirk's work, and unfortunately, limitations of image reproduction on the internet prevent me from fully displaying the true magnificence of his photography. His pieces are available in sizes ranging from 11" x 14" to a very stunning 30" x 40" format (not all selections available in all sizes). Further information, details about his entire portfolio, and pricing will be sent upon request.

Dirk Kenyon


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