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#G406 Parthenon, Athens
"Greece Collection: #G406 Parthenon, Athens"

#G407 Plaka, Athens
"Greece Collection: #G407 Plaka, Athens"

#C305 Havana Museum
"Cuba Collection: #C305 Havana Museum"

"Floral Collection: #FL610"

"Abstract Art Collection: #FR21"

All Photograghs © 2000 Sam Short

Sam Short is a Canadian photographer who began her career in Los Angeles, later moving to New York and Paris to further her dream. After three years, she returned to Los Angeles and built a successful business as a fashion photographer. Sam returned to Canada in 1989, and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Recognized for both her commercial and fine art work, she has been published in Canadian, American, and European magazines, and has exhibited in galleries throughout Canada.

Artist's Statement

"Nature and the environment, whether created by the hand of God, or by man, has its own unique beauty." As a traveling photographer, I have tried to capture the beauty in the landscape, its architecture and its people. As an artist, I have used a medium to create an image which will retain the reality, yet enhance its beauty by adding the stroke of an artistís brush. As an artistic photographer, I hope to record a moment in our history as a memory for the future.

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