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"Under a Mandarin Sun"

When dusk falls this far south of the Cyclades,
the sun rolls like a mandarin on the horizon.
Lush and clean, a freshly cut slice of spring,
bathing lovers with the tang of Metaxa.
Handwarmed in the foreign curve between lips
and glass.

When morning comes, and cockerels cry
wantonly in unseen fields, the sky screams blue
and the graceful eucalyptus brush the paths
to paradise.
The sea lolls its wavelets to shore,
wavelets to shore . . .
the heat feeds bones with peace,
and the traveler wafts straw brim to face
in a casual awareness of tranquility.

But the evenings, woven in jasmine and starlight
are the music of the southern isles.
Thin, and veiled with the last beeswing home,
they catch the last notes of frail taverna song.
Send lovers to their narrow beds, amazed;
lie thick with the morning’s blue-white promise.

© 2000 Vienna

Vienna describes herself as a typical Sagittarian. She has a passion for travel, art, horses, and cats, and is notoriously untidy. She says, “Basically I write for myself, to create tangible reminders of special people, places and times, like an intermittent diary.” Her ambition is to grow old disgracefully somewhere warm and exotic. Vienna is published in The Poet's Porch, Poetic License, Suero - Revista Literaria de Fuerteventura, Stirring, and The Eclipse.

You are invited to visit Vienna's personal poetry web site, Tradewinds and her commercial heraldry web site, Heritage Heraldry.

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And the Critics Say ~~

"Vienna's writing re-awakens my senses. Her skillful use of language has me seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching, and leaves me with a wonderful afterglow long after I've finished the poem. A pleasure to read! Thanks, Vienna!"


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