I have many friends and allies that help to support me and offer me their love and compassion. I am very lucky indeed to have made their acquaintances. Below you will find a list of those who have their own personal websites (this list differs from the ones to be found on the "Links" page as those are mostly commercial or public ventures). I encourage you to stop by their particular little slices of the web and see what they have to offer you. You will find artists and writers and all manner of creative, friendly people. For a more extensive listing of personal web sites, please check out my Free-For-All Links page. I would like to thank one person in particular because without her, this web site itself would never have come into being. My appreciation and undying gratitude goes to you, Sister Ulv, for the gifts you have given me -- not only this web site, but your gifts of friendship and love. And to all my friends and loved ones (those with or without web sites), I just want to say thank you for all your support over the months and years. Without you, my life would truly be empty and meaningless. May I never have to journey without you.


Ancient Ways

Delilah's Poetry and Other Joys

Jason's Affliction

Le Bon Ton Chateaux

The Lotus Pond


Are one or more of these links not operating properly and you'd like to notify me about that? Know of another terrific personal home page you're just dying to tell me about? You can do either of those things; just send me an e-mail by clicking on my amethyst bracelet or leave a message for me on my Message Board. Or if you'd just rather list your link on my Free-For-All Links Page, that would be fine too. Just click the "Enter" shell below and follow the instructions. I will tell you that all links must be approved by me, and if I do not feel that your site is appropriate for my pages (i.e., if your site is hateful, sexist, or pornographic), I reserve the right to refuse or delete you. In addition, links on the Free-for-All Links page may not remain there permanently. The page does have an upper capacity. When that is reached, older links will be automatically deleted. If you have a banner and would like permament placement of your link on Amethyst Journey, please contact me directly. Thanks for sharing other excellent sites that you have found or notifying me of errors.

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For those wishing to put a reciprocal link to Amethyst Journey on their web sites, the URL for Amethyst Journey is http://amethystjourney.tripod.com/. And if you wish that link to be graphical, I'm pleased to provide the following two banners and code. Choose whichever is most appropriate for your needs. Please save the banner to your hard drive (right-click anywhere on the banner and choose the "Save Picture as" option in Windows) and upload it to your site. You may also copy the code I have provided and make the necessary changes to reflect your subdirectory structure. Wondering how to describe Amethyst Journey? I've also provided a short description you may copy and use.

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DESCRIPTION: "Amethyst Journey is an exploration into the human mind and heart
through poetry (women-focused). In addition to the owner’s original poetry,
the site also features the work of other professional poets, fine artists and photographers;
editorials on current topics of interest to women; book recommendations; general interest links;
and a message board where visitors are encouraged to post their own poetry / web site URLs,
as well as notices for the poetry/literary community."


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