Welcome to the Amethyst Journey Museum. For your delight, I have searched everywhere to compile a cast of contributors in the areas of poetry, fine art, and photography. These artisans have been hand-selected by me and all are here by invitation only. I think you will find them some of the very best the world has to offer in their respective categories. All are professionals at what they do. They are listed below in alphabetical order by last name. These offerings are my personal picks, not necessarily the craftsperson's favorite work. Every one is something I would be proud to hang on the walls in my home. I thank them very much for allowing me to feature them. I remind you that they hold individual copyrights on their own work and, therefore, none of these pieces may be copied without the express written permission of the creators. If you would like your work featured permanently on Amethyst Journey, I encourage you to fill out the Nomination/Feedback form you will find below the contributors' listings. I would be happy to visit your web site and if I find something that stikes my fancy, I will contact you regarding placement here on your own personal page. You may also use that form to leave comments for any individual contributor (remarks will be forwarded to them). Thank you for visiting. To view a specific contributor's work, just click on his/her name.



Teresa Ballard
The Magic of Colors

Gary Blankenship
Such Small Comforts

Deborah Clowes
Trancing Pass

Dane Hebert
Reader's Digest Version

Christine Elaine Lennon
Letters On My Spoon

Beth Lytle

Carole MacRury
Kaleidoscopic Moment

Dorothy Doyle Mienko
My Left Breast

Caballo Oscuro
The Child in the Next Bed (for Luis)

Elisabeth Spinks
On the Occasion of My Cat's First Birthday

Michael Stephens

Under a Mandarin Sun

Roberto Vivero
Verde [Green]

Richard Zola
that metal medical bed

Sally Banfill
Food Giant ~ Elephant Car Wash ~ Home of the Pink Champagne Cake ~ Airstream

Tea with Limes ~ Shells

Bonnie Haversat
Backyard Bananas ~ On the Road to Rockhaven ~ Scooter

Fabiana Kofman
The Aegeian Sun ~ Marina Serenity

Nicoletta Tomas
Acrylics: Ref 18 ~ Acrylics: Ref 10 ~ Pastels: Ref p04 ~ Pastels: Ref p12

M's Chair ~ Cafe Society ~ Sagittarius ~ Morning in Tsilivi ~ The Posse ~ Untitled

Linda Wilmot
The Scarf ~ Under the Portico ~ Mom's Delaware Roses ~ Psalm 1 ~ Untitled

David John Correia
3D Swimmer: Flottant ~ Figures: La Chute D'Icarus ~ Images: Maple Leaves on Granite ~ Dead Roses: Dry 3

Dirk Kenyon
Weather's Creature ~ Grand Dreams ~ If I Could Dream in Infrared ~ A View from Widow's Walk ~ After You Left

Home ~ Blessed ~ Leaving ~ Outlaw ~ Traveling Back in Style ~ Inside Bourbon Street

Sam Short
Greece: G406 Parthenon ~ Greece: G407 Plaka ~ Cuba: C305 Havana Museum ~ Floral: FL610 ~ Abstract: FR21

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And the Critics Say ~~

"Great work by all. I couldn't choose just one person; they all blew me away. Thanks for a wonderful site to enjoy."


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