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Carole MacRury

"Kaleidoscopic Moment"

I hold you
breathlessly suspended
in a magical aura
as brightly particled,
we flash-flow float,
strobe stars
and slices of moon
into patterns prismatic
and multi-hued.
Concentric circles
pulse from the core;
a star-birth renewal
of rapid bubble-boil.
Captured colors, bridge
a rainbow to our souls
until that zenith moment
when precipitously poised,
we heavenly free fall
deep down inside,
shatter-shudder break,
fall into the void,
breathlessly suspended
in each otherís joy.

© 2000 Carole MacRury

I collect kaleidoscopes, can you tell? Funny, what they do to you! Anyway, when I'm not looking down a glass tube, I'm writing. I write about other things too, honest. Published in Dragon Fly Review, Mentress Moon, Free Times (A Haiku Site - Temps Libres) and a reading on local TV for Unpublished Writers. My spare time is spent moderating at Wild Poetry Forum. I'm inspired by my birthplace, beautiful British Columbia, commonly referred to as "lotusland." I will be learning forever, and passing on what I've learned to others, in remembrance and thanks to those generous souls who so kindly shared their knowledge and skills with me.

You are cordially invited to visit Carole's personal poetry site, The Lotus Pond.

Web Site:
The Lotus Pond

And the Critics Say ~~

"All the poetry is so lovely. You picked the cream of the online crop, M. I loved the lady who has the Lotus Pond. Her words were absolutely to die for!! "free fall through heaven" -- well, how wonderful is that? Her poem was just the most gorgeous thing I have ever read!"


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